Power & Generation

We specialise in providing power and generation requirements across a range of applications.

These include:

  • DC Power Systems and Battery Storage
  • UPS Systems
  • Combined Systems
  • Generator Power Systems both permanent and temporary
  • Electrical Services & Power distribution systems
  • Solar PV Grid Connect Systems
  • Solar PV SPS Systems (Off Grid)

DC Power Systems & Battery Storage

We install and maintain large scale power systems for critical infrastructure telecommunication installations. This includes most carriers and providers.

Our experience and capabilities include:

  • All aspects of power system design and installation
  • Battery storage installation, upgrades and life cycle replacement
  • Critical infrastructure project design and management
  • Remote site installations and maintenance
  • Solar PV installation and maintenance
  • Power Viability Audits

Electrical Services & Power Generation

Our team has many years of experience with large scale power distribution projects for industrial and commercial customers. Through our closely associated network of expert companies, we are able to design and install a power solution for almost any requirement.

Our capabilities include:

  • High capacity consumer mains and switchboard equipment installations for industrial or commercial power distribution systems
  • Sub-main and power distribution systems
  • LV light and power distribution systems
  • Diesel power generation equipment from 8-3000kVA for permanent or temporary solutions

Solar PV

At B.W.T.E. we are CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited Solar PV designers & installers.

We can install and maintain all types of Solar PV systems.

This includes:

  • Grid Connect PV Systems
  • Off Grid SPS PV Systems with batteries
  • Off Grid SPS PV Systems with batteries & generator(s)
  • Off Grid SPS PV Systems without batteries & generator(s) as base load

We use quality components and CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited tradespeople for system design and installation. Use of best practices ensure you are getting the best possible installation. We provide an experienced service to our customers. Contact us today to find out more.

Automation & Control

We are a leading systems integrator of automation and control solutions for all areas of industry. We provide safe, cost effective and high performance solutions.

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Power & Generation

Our diversity and experience enables us to supply all your power solutions and generation requirements.

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Installation & Maintenance

Our electrical and mechanical technicians are highly skilled and trained enabling us to provide a complete service to our customers.

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